Star Furniture

Why choose Star-Briquettes over traditional wood logs?
Greener, better and a more sustainable solid fuel to traditional logs. Star- Briquettes burn better, produce more heat and last as top quality kiln dried logs. 70mm in diameter wood briquettes, manufactured from 100% wood chippings are 100% carbon neutral; we do not add glue, chemicals or heat to bond them.
Better value for money; you need to burn 4 kg of air dried logs to equal 1 kg of Star-Briquettes.

Star-Briquettes light quicker and burn longer: Since Star-Briquettes have only 8% moisture compared to the 30 – 45% of air dried logs they light quicker and burn longer.
When poorly seasoned logs are burned, energy is lost heating moisture which causes them to spit and crackle. This moisture and unburned fuel is converted into smoke and deposited into the atmosphere, damaging the environment.

Do you really want to come home after work, and take 1 hour plus to get your room up to temperature, after hauling in dirty wet logs (Not forgetting to kill the creepy crawlies running across your living room?) Or do you want to open a bag of Star-Briquettes that you carried in with your favourite glass of wine, and having your room up to temperature in under 10 min.